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Last updated on May 15, 2023 08:41 in Install Process
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Website settings:

Default categories: this category will be considered as default whenever you import a product from any supplier website.

Default tags: this tag will be considered a default tag when you import any product from any website.

Default status: this will be considered the default status for each import.

Default overwrite preference:  with the overwrite setting option you can determine the system behavior when faced with a situation where a file or data already exists and a new version of that file or data is being saved or written. This allows the user to choose whether the new version should overwrite (replace) the old version. Even whether the new version should be saved as a new file or data, leaving the old version untouched.

Default catalog visibility:

The "catalog visibility" option allows you to control how products are displayed on your website. You will find this option while editing a product in the WooCommerce admin interface, and it has several different settings:

Catalog & Search:  This setting makes the product visible in the shop, category, and tag pages, as well as in search results. It's the default visibility setting for products.

Catalog: with this setting, the product will be visible in the shop and category pages, but not in search results.

Search: enabling the search setting will make the product  visible only in search results and not in shop or category pages.

Hidden: in the hidden search the product is hidden from all catalog pages (shop, category, tag pages) and search results. However, these products still can be accessed directly via link or admin authority.

By default, all products will have the catalog visibility set to "Catalog & Search," but you can change this for any product to customize how it's displayed on your website. This can be useful for hiding products that are out of stock, on sale, or not yet available for purchase.

Manage stock: if you select “manage stock” then the supplier site's stock quantity will be imported as your site's stock quantity.

Product import retry: Sometimes issues such as network timeouts, errors with the import file, or other problems can cause an import to fail. This option will help you to

Mark as fulfilled: when the order has been completed and all items have been shipped or delivered to the customer you can mark it as fulfilled.

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